Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery

Vision: To be the national leading resource in the development of addiction education, intervention strategies and recovery for young adults.

Mission: To enable, support and encourage young adult recovery and wellness by providing programs and engaging in collaborative research and education.

Collegiate Recovery Community

Established in January 2008, the Collegiate Recovery Community understands the needs of the developing college student in recovery from addiction. By providing a recovery program within the university system, the CRC offers students in recovery from addiction the opportunity for leadership, service and a peer community of support while attaining a college degree. By applying to be a part of the community, students develop commitment, principles and ethical responsibility to grow both in recovery and academically.

Addiction Education and Prevention

The Addiction Education and Intervention programs at the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery support a low risk environment in a collegiate setting by providing universal, targeted and mandated approaches for the collective campus community. By offering a safe and nurturing environment for students who are exploring changes in unhealthy patterns and behaviors, individual and group support is available. Educational programming is provided across campus upon request and can be tailored to a specific population.

Grants and Research

Addiction and Recovery in the young adult population is a fluid and progressive process. Approached from both a quantitative and qualitative research method, the Center works in collaborative partnership with the campus community, the local community as well as nationally in order to further advance the field of young adult addiction and recovery.


The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery is committed to reaching not only members of the Collegiate Recovery Community and students of Kennesaw State University but also the greater community on local and national levels. Events are held for parents of CRC members, students of Kennesaw State, people of the greater Atlanta area as well as professionals interested in the field of young adult addiction and recovery.

Organizational Chart