About Student-Athlete Success Services Center

The Kennesaw State University Student Athlete Success Services (SASS) staff is dedicated to providing excellent academic support for all student-athletes while they are pursuing their degree, and to ensure compliance with NCAA rules pertaining to athletic eligibility.. Students are surrounded with comprehensive academic support which helps them to be successful and balance the demands of being a student-athlete. This includes many tools to assist students in being successful.

SASS in located in building #65 of theKSU campus map. Click here for a close-up MAP for the Bowen Building home to SASS and its athletic advising staff, and tutor, study hall for student athletes.. This 6000 sq. ft. space includes a study lounge, computer lab, private tutor rooms as well as the staff offices. It has wifi available throughout the building, and is located on the corner of Chastain and Big Shanty, conveniently located across from the weight room and practice gym. Student-athletes also have the ability to check out laptops from SASS in order to use them for team travel.

Our specialized advisors here at SASS are available to help undeclared student-athletes select their courses, and can also help students learn more about the 80 bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs on campus. We are focused on vocation, and helping students identify their passion. We're also the point of contact between athletics and faculty, and work to maintain a positive relationship with campus. The SASS staff also provides documentation for athletic travel events to professors, which are counted as excused absences.

Priority Registration is given to student-athletes at KSU in order to accommodate travel and practice times. This is a great benefit for student-athletes that helps make the challenge of balancing academics and athletics easier.

SASS offers free tutoring for all student-athletes. This is a great benefit that we encourage students to take advantage of, because of the demands that are often placed on them. Tutoring may be one time, weekly, or biweekly to help our students with supplemental instruction. We also offer walk-in tutoring during certain evenings to help students during study hall. Whether students need help with a difficult concept in math, or help to improve their writing style, the tutors are trained to assist students and become better informed learners.

NCAA Compliance
We work to ensure compliance with NCAA rules pertaining to athletic eligibility.

Student-athletes work hard both on the field and in the classroom, so we want to make sure they are recognized for their achievements. We make sure our student-athletes are nominated for recognition and awards for local, conference, regional, and national awards. Our teams have been outstanding in the classroom, earning a record cumulative 3.11 GPA during the 2011-12 academic year. They have been recognized numerous times by the Atlantic Sun conference for their academic excellence. SASS also utilizes Grades First, a comprehensive software that manages communication, tutor requests, progress reports, travel notification, and study hall management as well as many reporting functions. This allows us to be efficient and keep coaches, faculty, and student-athletes updated and informed about many different issues.