Development Resources

Unique to KSU, we strive to produce leaders in the Community, and go beyond the typical community service opportunities provided. The Center for Student Leadership offers a class for KSU student-athletes to develop leadership skills, and also employs a Director of Student-Athlete and Experiential Leadership that is dedicated to helping students grow and develop.

KSU also employs a full time Director of Character Development, who works with student-athletes to develop key skills from both a faith-based and values-based foundation. This is a great resource for our student-athletes as they grow as a team but also as individuals

Life after sports is an important focus for student-athletes at KSU, and we are passionate about helping students to prepare for their career. The Career Services Center at KSU has dedicated a person to specifically work with student-athletes and the Leadership program to help them develop their resume and also prepare for a career after sports.

In addition, a Sports Psychologist is also available for our student-athletes to help them hone their mental game. Currently this sports psychologist works with several teams to develop cohesiveness and team work, and also helps them develop a strong mental approach to competition.

Kennesaw State Compliance
The Kennesaw State University Compliance Office strives to provide a comprehensive compliance program with a focus on four general elements: rules education, policies and procedures, monitoring and self-reporting. This focus allows us to protect the integrity of the University, while fostering a culture of compliance and institutional control as required by the NCAA. Our visibility and availability is an important aspect of providing a proactive approach as we assist the University, our student-athletes, institutional staff and donors/boosters in understanding the complex nature of NCAA rules.

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