Tutorial Services

Student-Athlete Success Services offers free tutoring to currently enrolled KSU intercollegiate student-athletes. The purpose of tutoring is to help the student to reinforce difficult material, not to replace classroom instruction. All students are encouraged to seek assistance from their professor before requesting tutors, as the professor is the most knowledgeable about the subject. Tutoring is available in a one-on-one setting.

Tutoring Policies

Tutors are to assists students with understanding difficult material. They DO NOT do work for students. Tutors DO NOT HELP WITH GRADED WORK OR ONLINE ASSIGNMENTS. Please do not ask tutors to help you with graded or online assignments, this is in violation of the school’s academic honesty policy. Please find a similar exercise and bring it in for a tutor to help with.

Tutors assisting with writing assignments will proofread for grammatical errors and make suggestions on structure and formatting. The tutor will not actually write the paper with you. They will give suggestions for topics or areas to research but it is up to the student to do the actual research and writing.

Available Subjects

Tutoring is available in a one-on-one setting in the majority of general education subjects and several upper-level courses.

Students needing one-on-one tutoring must place a request.

Subjects offered and availability is subject to change.

Requesting a Tutor

All tutor requests are made online through Grades First. Once an appointment is scheduled, the student will be notified through their KSU student email.

Request should be made no later than one week prior to the test date or assignment due date. Request made in less than that time frame will be given every consideration but may not be able to be scheduled Student-athletes are required to print out and have their instructor sign the Instruction Notification Form prior to the first tutoring session.

Canceling a tutoring session

All cancellations or rescheduling of appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance in person in the SASS office or by calling the SASS office at (678)797-2402. Cancellations for tutoring sessions on the day of the appointment must be made either in person to the SASS office or by phone no later than 9am. Appointments canceled for any reason after 9am will be considered a “no show”. Students that show up 15 minutes or later after the schedule appointment time will be considered a “no show" and will have to reschedule..

What is considered a “No Show”

  • Failure to show for the scheduled appointment
  • Failure to cancel an appointment at least 24 hours before – except documented medical** excuse
  • Arrival more than 15 minutes after the specified meeting time
  • Arrival unprepared/empty handed

**Student-Athletes must present formal documentation of an emergency, i.e. doctor’s note, in order for the appointment not to be counted as a “no show”. Meeting with a coach is not considered an excused absence.

Making the Most of Tutoring

To get the most benefit from tutoring please follow these guidelines:

  • Be on time
  • Be prepared: bring copies of your assignment, your notes, book, and calculator if needed
  • Have questions about the material prepared ahead of time
  • Meet with a tutor more than just once

Campus Resources

In addition to the tutoring services offered by SASS, students are encouraged to use other campus resources. See links below.

To receive study hall credit for visiting one of these centers, please see your SASS counselor prior to going to the center.

KSU Writing Center
KSU Math Lab
Supplemental Instruction
Cole's College of Business Tutoring


There is a $25 team penalty for not attending a scheduled session, in addition to:

1st: Written Notification/warning
2nd: Formal meeting with Head Coach & SASS staff
3rd: Suspension from 1 week of practices, and meeting with Athletic Director, Head Coach, and SASS Director
4th: Suspension from KSU Athletic Program for 2 weeks
5th: Immediate suspension from the KSU Athletic Program for an indefinite period of time