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1. Why should I study abroad?

a. Studying abroad opens career doors upon graduation. Study abroad experience shows that you're eager to learn and willing to try new things, which are desirable qualities in an employee. Students who have studied abroad also tend to have higher salaries in the future, and international careers are a fast-growing opportunity for graduates.

b. Develop a worldview, a more global/international perspective.

c. Learn/improve foreign language, cross-cultural communication and adjustment skills.

2. What are the program entry requirements (GPA, language skills, essay, etc.)?

  1. Each program’s requirements are different; KSU summer programs require a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA.

  2. Not all programs require you to speak a foreign language, and there are always representatives in the host country who speak English and who can help you.

3. Do the courses fit into your major or are they electives? How many credit hours are available?

  1. It depends on your major and the program. Most KSU summer programs offer both general education and upper level courses.

  2. Some majors require study abroad.

4. How much will it cost? Are there scholarships available? Is financial aid applicable?

  1. Costs vary for each program; and are based on the destination and length of stay.

  2. Scholarships are available that could help pay for the cost. Applications available at:

  3. Financial aid will help with the expenses of the trip, and the Hope Scholarship will reimburse students for tuition costs.

5. When can I go and for how long? Two-weeks, one month, summer, one semester, one year?

  1. You can go any semester that is convenient for you.

  2. The length of your stay will depend on the program you chose, but generally KSU summer programs are 4-6 weeks long, we also have semester and academic year exchanges.

6. Who will teach/lead program? Have you talked to the professor/program director?

  1. KSU summer programs are usually led by University System of Georgia professors.

  2. Other programs may offer courses taught by professors at the host university.

7. Where will I live?

  1. It depends on the programs that you choose, but generally it is in a dormitory, apartment, or homestay.

8. What if I want to stay past the program date/travel early?

  1. Contact the study abroad advisor who oversees the program you want to go on (find your advisor here) to make arrangements for your flight.
  2. You must purchase additional insurance for days not covered by the study abroad program fees (any day outside the program dates). Insurance is provided by Cultural Insurance Services International and the cost of additional insurance is dependent on the length of stay.  If you have coverage through an education abroad program and would like to extend your coverage please log into or create your account at


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