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The Brand

A brand is more than a look or a logo—it’s a collection of words, images, ideas and emotions that comes immediately to mind when someone thinks about your institution. In short, your brand is a promise you make to stakeholders (and prospective stakeholders) that expresses your school’s core values. A promise that, if applied effectively, can help increase enrollment, boost giving, create awareness and deliver relevance to the people who matter most to your school.—STAMATS


In the increasingly complex world of marketing in higher education, differentiating our brand from the brand of other institutions is critical to the success of Kennesaw State. The competition for students, faculty, staff, private donations, government and research funding is intense. Shifting demographics, advancements in globalization, technology and research, only heighten the competition.

If we are to succeed in establishing Kennesaw State University as a nationally recognized university, then Kennesaw State must maintain an ongoing cohesive branding campaign.


Key to enhancing the visibility and reputation of Kennesaw State University is coherently and effectively communicating the attributes that differentiate the Kennesaw State brand. Everything we do, and how we communicate what we do, has an impact on the brand experiences stakeholders have with the university. By ensuring positive interactions with constituents, by communicating clear and consistent messages and by reinforce graphic symbols, we convey and reinforce the strengths of the university.

A strong brand platform with well-crafted messaging and a strong visual identity can enhance Kennesaw State’s ability to recruit outstanding faculty, student, and staff; to engage alumni; and to attract external support. Every member of the Kennesaw State community plays an important role in bringing to life this cohesive approach to marketing and communications and in maintaining its integrity by applying it consistently throughout all university communications.

Each college, department, unit and program on campus will have different needs and goals when producing marketing materials. The expectation is that the standards outlined in this policy will be followed for all communications and marketing materials produced by any unit of the university, helping to make the overall message and mission of the university consistent and clear.

Protecting and preserving the integrity of KSU’s brand identity is a responsibility that belongs to each of us in the organization.



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