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KSU Signage

Consistent building signage is a critical part of the Kennesaw State University visual identity program. While consideration may be given to factors such as donor recognition and architectural design, particularly for interior signage, all building signage should be consistent with the university’s visual identity program and use the official university logo and colors. To ensure consistency in the signage program, a task force has been established under the direction of University Relations to oversee all campus signage issues.

Exterior and interior signage guidelines

Exterior signage

A template for signage has been created for all university-owned buildings on campus. All new requests for building signage will be created following this model. To request new building signage, please contact Facilities Planning and Design Services at 470-578-3602. All requests must be reviewed by the university’s signage task force and approved by University Relations.

Other types of exterior signage may be approved if they meet the visual identity program guidelines.

Interior signage

Requests for all interior signage must be reviewed and approved by the university’s signage task force. Once approved, the design must be submitted to University Relations at designapproval@kennesaw.edu.

To request interior signage, please contact the appropriate department as listed below:

Directional signage (maps, kiosks and other graphic or audible means used to convey location and directions) — Facilities Planning and Design Services, 470-578-3602

Department name signage — Facilities Planning and Design Service, 470-578-3602

Office/room numbers — Facilities Planning and Design Services, 470-578-3602

Wall signage with logos — University Relations, 470-578-6203

Temporary signage

All posters, fliers and announcements must be approved for posting by the building coordinator. Other temporary signage must be approved by the university’s signage task force.

To order or request approval for temporary signage, please contact the appropriate department as listed below:

Banners — University Relations, 470-578-6203

Directional and event (ground) signage — University Relations, 470-578-6203

Posters/fliers — Plant Operations Building Coordinator, 470-578-6224


The banner hardware is designed to accept double-sided banners with sewn-in pole pockets top and bottom. IMPORTANT: The finished size after the pole pockets are hemmed should be 2 feet by 6 feet. Live area for design purposes is 21 inches by 64 inches. We recommend that you do not have your banners produced until you have a confirmed reservation and approval from University Relations.

To request banners please contact University Relations at 470-578-6203. Please have the following information available:

  • Quantity of banners requested

  • Message the banner will communicate

  • Banner design or a request for University Relations’ assistance for design

For questions regarding banners, contact University Relations at 470-578-6203.


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