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Policies and Procedures


Meetings are generally held monthly on Thursday, 12:30-1:45 p.m.  The TEC co-chair reserves the meeting room for the year of the co-chair’s term of office and sets the meeting dates.  See for exact dates and meeting rooms.

Major Changes and New Proposal

  1. Proposals are to be submitted on the appropriate forms: undergraduate program forms can be accessed on the UPCC web site at and graduate program forms can be accessed on the GPCC web site at http://www.kennesaw.gpcc 
  2. Proposals for posting on the TEC website must be submitted to Dr. Michael J. Dias ( a minimum of two weeks before the date of the first reading.

Table 1.  TEC standardized file naming system for UPCC forms.

UPCC Forms

TEC file name parts (order is important)


Change in existing course

program acronym-course number_action


Adding a new course

program acronym-course number_action


Discontinuing a course

program acronym-course number_action


Change a major

program acronym_major abbeviation/description_action


Change a major (Policy)

major abbeviation_"policy"_action


Adding/changing a minor/certificate

major abbeviation_description_action

TSOL_MinorNw -or-

Hints for naming your Word files:

  • No commas or spaces should be used in the file name
  • Use underscore to separate program name, major name, action, and date
  • Use dashes to separate year-month-day in dated files i.e., 0000-00-00 [e.g., 2010-12-13]. When listing files sorted by name, this format allows consecutive listing.
  • Use capitalization to help separate words or codes [e.g., EdD_GradConcentrationPropos2010-4_rev2010-12]
  • Use only one period before the extension [.doc]
  • Remember to use Word 1997-04 "compatibility mode" when saving files for consistency and easier sharing
  • Indicate graduate programs with "Grad" after the program acronym [e.g., EdL_GradEdSTraditionalProgram]

    Optional Abbreviations: (for shortening file names)

  • action words abbreviated: change = Chng, new = Nw, revised = Rev, discontinue = Discn
  • descriptive words: graduate = Grad, proposal = Propos, revision = Rev, executive = Exec, summary = Sum, syllabus = Syll, course = Crse, program = Prgrm, certification = Cert, policy = Plcy, prerequisite = Prereq, requirement = Requir

Table 2.  TEC standardized file naming system for GPCC forms.


TEC file name parts (order is important)


Course Cross-Listing

program acronym-course number_action



program acronym_concentration-action


Course Proposal/Revision

program acronym-course number_action


E-Z (Simple course change)

program acronym-course number_EZ


Special Topic Proposal

program acronym_special topic-action


Policy Change

program acronym_action



The proposal submission dates are posted on the TEC website with the meeting schedule.  In Table 1, the standardized file naming procedure for TEC proposals is listed.  If corrections or additions are made at the first reading, revised documents which will have a second reading should have "_rev" added to the end of the file name (before ".doc") and to the document title for the second reading. [e.g., MEdPolicyChange_rev.doc]

  1. Each proposal must be submitted as an electronic attachment either as a Word document file or a format (pdf) file.
  2. Proposals will be posted to the TEC web site.
  3. The original and signature page can be delivered to the committee co-chair through campus mail or hand delivered at the time of the first reading.
  4. A representative from the department submitting the proposal must be present at the first and second readings or the proposal will be tabled.
  5. Proposals without the proper signatures and those that are not in the correct format will be tabled.
  6. All proposals must have the first reading completed before or during the last January meeting (with the second reading on or before the last February meeting), in order to be included in the following year’s catalog.

Minor Changes to Programs:

  1. Minor changes to existing programs consist of:
    • Changes to program admissions standards
    • Changes/clarifications/corrections to the program’s catalog description
  2. Minor program changes can be presented in memorandum form, and approved by the GPCC with a single reading, once approved by the TEC.

Minor Changes To Courses : EZ Form

  1. Minor changes are defined as a change to one of the following
    • change to the title of a course
    • simple editing changes to a course description
    • course discontinuations
    • course numbering changes
  2. Multiple changes to any combination of title, numbering, or description DO NOT constitute a Minor Change, and must go through the full proposal approval process.
  3. Changes that appear to be more than simple editing changes must go through the full proposal approval process (committee chair discretion).

Committee Actions:

  1. Actions require a quorum of voting members (8; there are a total of 12 voting members—10 faculty; 2 students).
  2. A simple majority approves an issue.
  3. Deliberation format will be
    • Presentation of proposal
    • Discussion
    • Floor open for motions; voting and non-voting members can make a motion.
    • Motions require a second (voting and non-voting members can second a motion).
    • For motions to be approved, a simple majority of voting members is required.
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