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Performance in the Community

The Tellers are proud to have the opportunity entertain families and young people with performances of folktales and fairytales. Most recently we have performed at events sponsored by Smith Gilbert Gardens and the Fernbank Natural History Museum. We see these events as opportunities to give people a window into one of the most entertaining traditions in performance.


Tell the Change

In the Spring of 2011 The Tellers hosted Tell the Change, an evening of personal narratives based on thy dynamic nature of identity, in conjunction with the celebration of Black History month.


Inviting The Tellers to Perform

To invite The Tellers to perform at one of your events contact Dr. Charles Parrott at cparrot5@kennesaw.edu. We ask for a modest honorarium when working with for-profit organizations and we accept invitations on a case-by-case basis.



Personal Narrative Project

In the fall of 2010 The Tellers traveled to the Marietta Middle School several times to teach students about personal narrative performance. The Tellers guided the students through the selection of stories and helped them translate those stories from the page to the stage. The project culminated with the students creating there own school assembly were they performed their stories for dozens of their peers. In 2011 Jessica McPhail and Molly Gilmartin gave a presentation about this project and performed personal narratives on a competitively selected panel at the Southern States Communication Association Conference.



Patti Pace Performance Festival

Each year The Tellers travel to the Patti Pace Performance Festival. The festival allows undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty to share performances and engage in workshops. In 2011, Louisiana State University’s Department of Communication Studies hosted the Festival. Guest artist Dan Heaton, from Capital University, worked with The Tellers and students from across the country to develop alter-personas for solo-performance.


The National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro Tennessee

The National Storytelling Festival is an annual event located in Jonesboro Tennessee that features expert storytellers from around the country. The event also brings together storytelling enthusiasts to share their love of performance. The Tellers use this trip as a chance to excite their imaginations and gain new performance strategies.  You can find more information about the festival under the “links” section of this page.







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