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Huck and Jim

...in a climactic moment on the river.

Huck and Jim

...in an illustration from the original book.

Huck's Stomping Grounds

...in the present day.
"And yet at that very time the identical men who drew upon that Declaration of Independence and framed the American democratic constitution were trafficking in the blood and souls of their fellow men." —Frederick Douglass

Meet the Characters

Frederick Douglass – Escaped slave turned abolitionist, orator, and social reformer in America during the 19th century. The only figure who does not appear in Mark Twain’s novel, and the only non-fictional character in the play.

– Escaped slave seeking freedom in Ohio, a free state in America before the Civil War. Along with his friend, Huck, he boards a raft on the Mississippi river in hopes of reaching Cairo before he is caught by those looking for him.

Huck Finn – A young boy who escapes the hold of his abusive father, Pap Finn, to go with his friend Jim on an adventure down the Mississippi River. He is naïve and impressionable, but also creative and resourceful. Twain tells us that Huck’s best feature is his good heart. He is the story’s protagonist and narrator, meaning we see the events of the play through his eyes.

Pap Finn
– Huck’s abusive father. He is a drunkard who never received any formal education, and who beats his son for learning to read and write.

The King and The Duke
– A team of con men rescued by Huck and Jim when they are spotted running along the shoreline of the Mississippi River. A rowdy pair, their antics seem harmless at first. However, it is revealed that they are plotting to capture and sell Jim back into slavery.

Tom Sawyer
– Huck’s mischievous and imaginative friend, often given to wild ideas taken straight from the pages of adventure stories.

Widow Douglas
– Huck’s adoptive guardian. She took him in with hopes of reforming him, but according to Huck, she is “dismal regular and decent… in all her ways” (Kaiser 5). She is also Jim’s owner, and when he escapes she puts up a $300 cash reward for the capture and return of her “property.”

Master Douglas
– Husband to the Widow Douglas. Not to be confused with Frederick Douglass.

Judge Thatcher
– A local judge in St. Petersburg, Missouri who helps take care of Huck and who is charged with keeping safe a large sum of money Tom Sawyer and Huck found earlier (at the end of the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer).

Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas Phelps
– Tom Sawyer’s aunt and uncle. They mistake Huck for their nephew, Tom, when he shows up to try and rescue Jim after he is recaptured near their plantation.

Additional Characters
– The Preacher, Ferry Boat Captain, Slave Trader, Mr. and Mrs. Loftus, ‘Lizabeth, and others