Sharrell D. Luckett

Sharrell Luckett received her Ph.D. in Theatre with an emphasis in Performance Studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou), serving as the Doctoral Marshal during graduation. She hails from Atlanta, Georgia where she has taught performing arts for over 14 years, most recently serving as the founder and Artistic Director of Empowered Youth Entertainment with the YWCA. Luckett has directed/produced over 60 shows and is now among the top directors in the Atlanta area. After developing a successful career as a high school theatre teacher, winning numerous top tier awards for her productions, Luckett was awarded a Gus T. Ridgel Fellowship and full scholarship to study Theatre at Mizzou. Some of her research interests include African American theatre, Freddie Hendricks, auto-ethnography, Fat Studies, and Positive Psychology. Luckett is also co-manager and performance director of global recording artist sensation, Rahbi. Luckett hopes to inspire and evoke passion within everyone, empowering them to make a meaningful, creative contribution to the arts.



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