Meet Kimberly Dibble: Serving her community through dance

By Tabatha Wahlquist

Kimberly Dibble

Photo by Linda Tincher

Kimberly Dibble’s journey to Kennesaw State University started unconventionally with a broken foot during her freshman year of college. Originally from California, she transferred to KSU after her recovery. Her tenacity and academic excellence have paid off. This spring, the ballet dancer will be a member of the inaugural graduating class of the Program in Dance at KSU.

Kimberly is pleased to have made the journey because she’s never known anything better. For the last 2 years, she has been a dancer with the KSU Dance Company. During the 2008-2009 academic year, she was the company’s president. As she describes, “Everything is very family oriented. The professors are open and welcoming, and they guide every one of their students, so there’s a lot of personalization.”

She considers Director of the Program in Dance Ivan Pulinkala to be her greatest reason for her continued dedication to the program. “Starting this program, Ivan had such a wonderful vision,” says Kimberly. “He’s been right there from the start. A lot of the inaugural class has worked with him, and his influence has become greater while watching over us as an advisor.”

Pulinkala credits Kimberly, “She is an outstanding student who excels as a scholar in all her academic classes.” Kimberly has worked diligently in the program while maintaining the Hope scholarship. She was recently inducted into Nu Delta Alpha, the national dance honor society.

For the senior showcase this spring, Kimberly will be giving a slightly different presentation from the rest of her class. “I actually love research,” says Kimberly, “so I will be presenting my senior thesis, which is a business plan to open up a dance studio.” In addition to her goal of becoming a ballet instructor, Kimberly also has a desire to open her own studio and to teach pilates as well. She has already become an experienced instructor.

When she’s not hitting the books or dancing on the stage, she is a certified pilates instructor at Lifetime Fitness, where she works with dancers as well as people recovering from serious injuries. After graduation, Kimberly wants to continue teaching ballet and pilates full time. “I have a passion for teaching. My main mission is to show and instill that passion in others.”



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