Meet Priscilla Curtis: Always on pointe

By Michael Ruther

Priscilla Curtis has been dancing since she was four years old. At first, she was only following her older sister Hannah’s footsteps. By the time she was about 12 or 13, she knew that she had to be a dancer, even though her sister had gone on to pursue other goals. Priscilla had found the beauty, creativity, and emotion of dance irresistible. Since that time, she has attended a number of intensive summer training programs, such as Point Park, Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Magnificat and Ballet Austin. She has also trained for nine years at Praise Him with Dance, a Christian dance studio where she studied many types of dance, including ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, and even musical theater.

Rather than having sought placement in a dance company after high school, Priscilla decided to come to Kennesaw State University specifically because of the dance program. Some friends of hers were already involved in the program at KSU, and she was impressed by their performances. One of what have become her favorite things about Kennesaw State is the integration of balanced academics with the art of dance. “I’m not just learning how to dance, but am becoming a ‘smart’ dancer,” she says.

Priscilla is only a first-year student, but she already stands out as a valuable addition to the dance program, a fact that she attributes to her relentless work ethic. The director of the dance program, Ivan Pulinkala, describes her as a talented and strong dancer. “She is extremely collegial with her other classmates. All the opportunities she has been given in her first year speak very highly of her abilities, her talent, and certainly her work ethic. She truly is a great student and we are fortunate to have her. She is a beautiful dancer.”

In addition to work and classes, she dedicates about 20 hours a week to dance. When she is not at work, school, or dancing, Priscilla expresses a passion for other arts as well. She enjoys music, art shows, and reading, and her favorite authors range from Oscar Wilde and C.S. Lewis to Christopher Moore and Chuck Palahniuk.

Priscilla enjoys all kinds of dancing, but her favorite at any given time is dictated by her mood. Because she doesn’t claim a specialty and prides herself on being well-rounded, Priscilla doesn’t have a clear picture of where her life will take her following her graduation, but she is confident that she will find her niche while at KSU. Priscilla cannot imagine not dancing. “It’s like a fire inside of me,” she says.



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