Posting Date: March 7, 2011

Meet Genevieve Colangelo: Performer and artist
By Felicia Ervin

Genevieve Colangelo

Photo by Kimberly New

Genevieve Colangelo has been on a steady path to a career in dance. At age seven, she was cast as a polichinelle in a production of “The Nutcracker” and in high school she received the Kennesaw State Univeristy Dance Clinic Scholarship. Now a freshman at KSU, she is still pursuing her dream of being the best dancer that she can be.

According to Genevieve, what really impresses her about the dance program at KSU is its versatility and rapid growth. She credits Ivan Pulinkala, director of the Dance Program, and Lauri Stallings, instructor of dance, with helping her grow as a dancer. She explains, “They have two different dance styles and both have opened my eyes so much to other ways of moving and being a dancer.” 

The recent inductee into the dance honor society Nu Delta Alpha sees her fellow dance students as not only peers but teachers as well. As a member of the KSU Dance Company, Genevieve performed in the company’s production of “D-Man in the Waters” and was a cast member of “Cocoon,” which was produced by Pulinkala. 

According to Pulinkala, “Genevieve is a talented dancer who excels as a performer and artist. It was a pleasure working with her in the KSU Dance Company last fall. Genevieve brings a level of maturity and sincerity to the creative process that sets her apart from her peers.”

Many dancers dream of moving to New York to pursue their passion, but Genevieve says that being a dance student at KSU has made her aware of the possibilities in Atlanta. “I’ve always wanted to go to other places because I grew up in Atlanta, but after being at KSU and seeing what’s offered, I will be alright with staying in Atlanta.”

As for her future goals, Genevieve admits that it changes from time to time. She has considered dancing for a major company or possibly a teaching position.  However, there is one goal that Genevieve is sure of: “I want to be the best dancer I can possibly be.”


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