Meet Dale Browne: Performing and choreographing artistic dance

By Jonquil Harris

Dale Browne

Photographs by Melissa Withers

Dale Browne's association with Kennesaw State University's Program in Dance started before she even got to college. While still a senior in high school, she was part of the KSU Dance Company and helped choreograph a work that was performed at the Dance Company’s main stage concert in 2008.

Born and raised in Kennesaw, Dale attended North Atlanta School of the Arts. Realizing that she never quite fit in a professional ballet studio environment, a teacher encouraged her to take improvisation classes. Of the experience, Dale says, “I found out that the way I naturally move is modern and contemporary.” From there, she focused her attention on modern dance.

Dale feels that Ivan Pulinkala, director of the dance program, has been integral in her career, and he is the main reason she chose KSU over other universities. After her performance with the dance company in 2008, she knew that KSU would be her school of choice. “I really did not want to leave. I fell in love with the program and how well Ivan runs it. Working with the Dance Company was a great opportunity and was a great creative environment to be around. It was amazing to be able to feed off of other personalities and gain individual attention.”

After meeting Dale, Pulinkala was impressed by her abilities as an articulate and versatile performer and mover. He hopes that Dale’s time and experiences at KSU will make her “successful in the professional world and will enable her to grow artistically, physically and intellectually as she progresses through the dance curriculum. She is passionate about the art of dance.”

Dale hopes to infuse her enthusiasm for dance by opening a dance and art facility for inner city youth one day. In addition to membership with the KSU Dance Company, Dale is pursing a double major in dance and in interdisciplinary studies that will combine communication and sociology.


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