Posting Date: September 2, 2010

Meet Andy Allen: Moving forward

By Andrea C. Kirwan

Andy Allen

Photos by Sarah Singleton

Whip, glide, swivel—Andy Allen appears to move effortlessly across the floor in a contemporary dance sequence. Andy was unaware of the passion he has for dancing until he attended his first dance technique class at Kennesaw State University as a freshman in 2007. Originally planning to pursue a degree in music education, he re-directed his path when he discovered the KSU Program in Dance. “I didn’t decide to attend KSU for dance,” he says, "but I stumbled across this little treasure known as the dance program. Since this discovery, I have been committed to following this discipline.” 

This year, Andy received the 2010-11 Outstanding Senior Dance Scholarship. Ivan Pulinkala, director of the dance program, comments, “The Program in Dance is proud to name Andy Allen as our outstanding senior for 2010-11. Andy has excelled in the program as an outstanding dancer, artist, scholar and leader. He brings a great deal of energy and passion to his work at KSU, serving in leadership roles with the KSU Dance Company, with Nu Delta Alpha and at the program office.”

As a member of the KSU Dance Company, Andy had the opportunity to perform at the American College Dance Festival at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and at a national gala in New York City. Andy has enjoyed the diversity of his experiences at KSU. His deep love for the art form sprang not only from dancing but also as he matured and found balance in his life.

Andy explains that he cannot pinpoint one great inspirational moment that led to his success but says, “All of my experiences, from my first conversation at the ballet barre to performing at The Kennedy Center, have developed my sense of artistry and desire.” He adds that he is incredibly thankful for the multitude of opportunities he has had and feels honored to have shared those moments with cast members and artists.

Andy says that being at KSU “has been a great opportunity to experience professional-level choreography and instruction amidst a group of elite collegiate artists.” After graduation, he would like to dance professionally, teach and eventually pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree.

“I plan to experience many places and things while continuing to search,” he says. “My idea is of a constant state of learning.”




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