Meet Emily Dalton: Sharing a love for dancing

By Scott Singleton

Emily Dalton

Photo by Melissa Withers

As the stage lights dim, Emily Dalton prepares to perform before a full theater, but she does not think of the audience in front of her as she begins to dance like no one is watching. In her third year at Kennesaw State University, Emily joined the KSU Dance Company after her freshman year and immediately fell in love with the diversity and experience offered by KSU’s Program in Dance.

Emily, an early childhood education major with a dance minor, started dancing at the age of three and received most of her training at the Sawnee School of Ballet in Cumming, Ga. After attending high school in South Forsyth, Emily decided to attend KSU for its proximity to home and its growing reputation. Although initially reluctant to try out for the KSU Dance Company, Emily was encouraged by friends who recognized her talent. On the experience, she says, “Everybody was so nice and caring. I knew immediately I would be welcomed.”

Trained in ballet, Emily appreciates learning from skilled dancers in other areas of dance. “I have taken bits and pieces from each dancer, and they are all so talented and creative. I love the diversity of all the different dancers coming together. We all bring something different to the table.”

Emily performed in the production of “Adumbration” last spring and in a high school outreach at the Cobb Energy Centre that included a performance of “Impass” and select pieces from “Adumbration.” Emily also participated in Atlanta Ballet’s production of “Don Quixote” as part of KSU’s dance partnership with Atlanta Ballet. In November, Emily will perform in “Chakra,” an innovative, new blend of creativity and virtuosity that Emily describes as “diversity coming together in a wonderful mixture.”

Both her peers and professors acknowledge Emily’s talent and dedication. Min Kim, KSU assistant professor of dance, describes Emily as “a strong ballet dancer who is always passionate about what she is doing. She is willing to work with her classmates and help them when they struggle with their technique.”

Looking to the future, Emily anticipates her personal growth as a dancer and the growth of KSU’s Dance Company. She is excited about teaching after she graduates. “I will have the opportunity to prepare a child for the future and begin their foundation of knowledge.” Before she begins teaching, however, Emily intends to continue dancing and hopes to travel and explore the world.



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