Meet Lauren Tatum: Dancing around the world

By Julie Senger

As Lauren Tatum walks down the hall, one might be able to tell that she is a dancer simply by the confident and graceful way she carries herself.  As she is on the verge of graduating from Kennesaw State, she is taking some time in her Senior Seminar class to reflect on where she’s been and contemplate where she’s going. One thing is for sure, she is passionate about what she does and even more passionate about making sure that performing arts are not limited to a select few.

Lauren began dancing competitively at around eight years old. Since then, she has also added choreographer, storyteller and actress to her long list of resume credits. She decided to come to KSU to further her skills in acting, and was delighted when the university added a dance minor to its ever-expanding list of course concentrations.  She credits Director of the Dance Program Ivan Pulinkala with building the dance program at KSU and with being a “wonderful inspiration” to her. But she also noted that she “feeds off of the passionate energy of the entire faculty in Kennesaw’s performance studies because they are diverse in their teaching styles, but united in their mission of teaching excellence.”

There are already many impressive credits on Lauren’s resume. One of her theatre highlights was “The Monkey King‚” a KSU production that toured in China. As a member of the KSU Dance Company‚ she has performed at the American College Dance Festival; and as a choreographer‚ she has choreographed for the KSU production of “As You Like It‚” which received commendations from the American College Theatre Festival. More recently, Lauren choreographed pieces for KSU’s production of “42 Feet Off the Ground” and a storytelling production of “Beowulf,” which was performed at the Fringe Storytelling Festival in Scotland. She has also received scholarships to New York’s Broadway Dance Center and Los Angeles’ Edge Dance Studio.

After graduation, Lauren will be “doing lots of auditioning to get my face out there.” But her ideal job would be to become part of a traveling dance theatre. She would “like to bring the arts to less fortunate communities.” Lauren feels that “art is not a privilege, but a right that everyone deserves.” She hopes that when people see her perform that it will “create a dialogue about things, make people question themselves and society so that they might learn more about each other and the world around them.” 



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