Posting Date: November 1, 2010

Meet Jennifer Mullins: Driven to Dance
By Brian Tucker

Jennifer Mullins

Photos by Sarah Singleton

Freshman dance major Jennifer Mullins is the portrait of a polished ballet dancer: poised and graceful, not to mention genuinely gracious as well. At the conclusion of an intensive summer dance clinic at KSU before her senior year in high school, Jennifer was awarded an incentive scholarship from Ivan Pulinkala, director of the Program in Dance. This was one of several deciding factors that sealed the deal for her to attend KSU.

"I decided to come to KSU for the dance program. I came to see a show and was very impressed with the dance company. Then I took a tour of the campus and saw how beautiful it is, and I was sold. I live in the Village Suites, which are also beautiful. KSU offers everything I need for my major, so it's kind of the perfect fit for me."

Jennifer's philosophy on dance, as well as anything in life, is simple: "I have a lot of drive; I feel that to be successful at anything, you need to be self-motivated, especially in dance. I have a passion for dance, which helps drive me." She cites her starring role in a ballet production of "Snow White" as her defining moment in dance thus far. "I danced with Sugarloaf Performing Arts in Duluth, and I was given my first lead role in a full-length ballet during my junior year in high school. That was my shining moment. Getting to bow last out of the whole cast was exciting."

Pulinkala is quick to compliment his student. He says, "The Program in Dance is very pleased to have Jennifer Mullins this year. She is a talented dancer, with a strong work ethic and desire to excel in the field. We look forward to seeing her develop and grow at KSU."

As for her long-term endeavors, Jennifer aspires to one day run her own dance studio. But wherever life takes her, one thing is certain. "I just know I love to dance, and for right now I'm going to keep dancing. If it takes me somewhere professionally, that's fantastic."


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