Dance Company members announced

Following last year's phenomenal season, which included rave reviews at the American College Dance Festival, the KSU Dance Company is preparing to reach new heights with the selection of the 2007-2008 Dance Company members. They are:

From the Spring 2007 production, "42 Feet Off the Ground"

Andy Allen

Lauren Banks

Haleigh Brooks

Sarah "Rah" Benton

Dale Brown

Morgan Carlisle

Emily Christopher

Leah Cook

Tai Courtney

Errin Cusack

Kimberly Dibble

Erin Didreckson

Audrey Hall

Kelly Hamm

Brittany Hawes

Myles Johnson

Jason Marett

Caitlin McPhail
Olivia Noland

Allan Pang

Erin Patterson

Jennifer Sadeckas

Richard Smith

Carly Steele

Lauren Tatum

Sarah Tintle
Cory Turner

Cory Washington

Greer Yarbrough

The company will work with several  choreographers including faculty members Ivan Pulinkala and Emily Yewell, student Lauren Tatum, and guest artists Candess Giyan, Jason Kalish and Antonio Sisk.

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