Meet Andy Allen: Learning the techniques of dance

By Jarmea L. Boone
Photo by Melissa Ray


Andy Allen enjoys the physical and emotional connection that comes with the art of dance. He plans to major in dance this fall and to pursue a career in choreography and teaching.

Andy transferred to Kennesaw State after being offered a position coaching color guard at Kell High School. “Carolyn Perry Crumpton, a ballet professor at Kennesaw State, was also an instructor for a color guard group I had been in,” Andy stated. “I appreciated her professional advice, and she suggested that I try out the dance program at KSU. It has been an amazing journey. The culture of the arts program is so well-rounded.”

As a member of the KSU Dance Company, Andy performed at the American College Dance Festival Association national gala in New York City earlier this year. “It was an eye-opening experience and extremely rewarding to be able to represent KSU at such a prestigious event,” Andy stated. He is looking forward to acquiring more professional skills through the dance program and his continued involvement with the dance company.

As Andy transitions into the new dance major, he hopes to continue to gain a better understanding of dance terminology, as well as refine his technique. “I have developed such a fondness for the dance program,” he said. “I have enjoyed every instructor because they have all provided various fundamentals that I need to become successful.” Andy’s curiosity and steadfastness may lead him in the direction of his dancing dreams. “I am very excited and I work hard at things that are worth working hard for,” he said. “Dancing is definitely one of them.”


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