Meet Chase Todd: A Whirlwind of Talent
By Cheryl Anderson Brown


Junior dance minor Chase Todd didn’t spend his spring break in Cancun or Florida. Instead, he went home to the small South Georgia town of Americus, which had recently been devastated by a nighttime tornado. The twister took out some downtown businesses and damaged the hospital where Chase had once worked.

“A couple of my friends were left homeless,” he said, “but they are going to rebuild Americus stronger and more beautiful than before.”

Hometown pride is a relatively new feeling for Chase. “One of my goals was to get out of Americus, but now I’ve learned to appreciate it, and I want to be the one person who really puts it on the map.”

With his plethora of talents, Chase could very well be the next whirlwind to bring national attention to the little place. Chase’s dream of being a famous musical theatre star is coming closer to realization every day.

When he first came to Kennesaw State, he had some musical experience, but almost no dance background. Still, he auditioned for the KSU Dance Company and was selected in his first semester.

“I’ve been really inspired by Ivan Pulinkala [director of the dance program at KSU],” Chase said. “He is so supportive of us all personally. Plus, I really like his modern background and the theatricality that is him.”

Chase is pleased about the remarkable growth of the dance program, which will start its third year in the fall. “I’m excited to see where it goes.”

For Chase, the dance minor blends very well with his major in musical theater. “I knew dance was something that I needed to reach my goal of performing on Broadway. I think KSU has the best programs to prepare me for that career.”

Working toward that goal, he is getting as much stage experience as he can. In the last year, in addition to performing in the KSU production of “Urinetown,” he also has appeared at Atlanta Lyric Theatre, Sureline Entertainment in North Carolina and Legacy Theater in Tyrone, Ga.

Chase now hopes his “Broadway” career will include performing in Chicago and London. “ I think that’s where the future of musical theatre is, and I want to help in that process.”

With that, the boy from Americus really may help put his hometown on the international map.


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