Meet Greer Yarbrough: A New Dance Major

By Natalia H. Schust
Photo by Emily Lester

Greer Yarbrough, a flourishing sophomore student at Kennesaw State University, plans to be one of the first graduates of KSU's new dance major program. Initially a dance minor, Greer is thrilled about the new major. "I am really glad the performing arts at Kennesaw State are growing so much," said Greer.

The HOPE scholarship recipient and straight-A student chose to transfer from another university to KSU after seeing the KSU Dance Company perform. She fell in love with the company and wanted to become part of it. "I was so happy to be among the 30 students who successfully passed the auditions," said Greer, proudly.

Greer, an Atlanta native, plans to move to New York City after graduation to gain additional professional experience and obtain her master's degree in dance. She would like to perform modern dance, her favorite style and concentration at KSU, in venues such as Broadway. "I like modern dance because it offers a lot of room for expression and allows the performer to go in several different directions," said Greer.

In the meantime, Greer is thoroughly enjoying her KSU experience. She said the faculty members are helpful and caring and go out of their way to accommodate students. Greer also expressed great admiration towards her professors—particularly towards Assistant Professor of Dance Ivan Pulinkala, who has known Greer for the past year as a student and member of the dance company. In turn, Pulinkala said that Greer is a talented dancer with a great deal of potential to enter the professional world. "I have seen Greer grow artistically and technically in my modern technique class this semester. She will go far," he said.


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