Meet Jason Marett: A Triple Threat

By Lauren Highfill

Imagine “Rent” without song. Think of “Cats” without dance. “The Color Purple” without dialogue. Any musical or play would be incomplete without the performers’ “triple-threat” skill-set of singing, dancing and acting. Sophomore Jason Marett, who has big dreams for Broadway and musical theatre, realized this need to develop as a diverse performer when he was looking for a college to attend. “When I heard about Kennesaw State, I was really interested in the fact that the theatre and performance studies and dance programs are geared toward the professional world.”

Over the years, Jason’s love of dance has developed because “it’s such a challenge. You can’t fake your way through it; it just has to click.” As a musical theatre major and dance minor, Jason is learning and perfecting skills in all three areas: music, acting and dance. Specifically within the dance program, Jason believes that “part of what makes this an amazing and increasingly influential program is the diversity in dance education—from tap to modern to ballet—and the developing cohesiveness between the departments. It really creates an open environment for learning.”

One of the guest artists in dance Jason has enjoyed learning from is Antonio Sisk, renowned choreographer, trainer and performer. Jason says he benefits from Sisk’s professional experience and appreciates his knowledge of the industry.

Last year, Jason was cast in the role of Ryan in “Disney’s High School Musical” at the Towne Lake Performing Arts Center in Kennesaw, which called on all his skills and invited new opportunities for learning. “That was really a great experience,” he says, “because I was able to work with people of all different talent levels, from children to older adults.”

Jason continues to audition for roles outside the college and has several upcoming performances with KSU. He is performing in the spring dance concert in February and the opera theater production in April. After he graduates and achieves his Broadway dreams, Jason hopes to open a comprehensive studio that trains students in singing, acting and dancing.


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