Meet Morgan Carlisle: A Modern Dancer

By Natalia H. Schust
Photo by Patrick Bowling

When Morgan Carlisle talks about dancing, her face lights up. Her love for dance is apparent and her enthusiasm is contagious. “I have been dancing forever!” she says. “Modern dance is my favorite because it’s one of the most gratifying styles to perform; you must use your individuality to find the meaning in a piece.”

The cheerful junior from Tennessee came to Kennesaw State University to be a part of the growing dance program and will become one of the first majors in dance next semester. She is visibly excited about the prospect: "I am thrilled to be able to major in dance now,” said Morgan.


Assistant Professor of Dance Ivan Pulinkala has known Morgan for seven years. She began training with him when she was a high school student. In fact, Morgan chose to leave a well-known dance conservatory to dance under Pulinkala’s supervision. She said, “I knew he would help me be the dancer I wanted to be with honesty, professionalism and friendship, and that’s rare these days!”

Pulinkala also holds Morgan in high regard, and said she has always shown great potential in dance with a lot of natural talent and a strong physical instrument. “Morgan has the aptitude and training to pursue dance at a professional level after she graduates from KSU. She has the potential of auditioning for professional modern dance companies in a few years,” said Pulinkala.

Morgan’s immediate goal is to set up a student choreography group on the main stage at KSU. “I think students need as many opportunities as possible to choreograph. It would be great to have a group of students that not only work on pieces, but get together and share ideas and problems that they have come across in their choreographic journey,” explained Morgan.

After graduation, her goals include becoming part of a dance company and having her own dance studio. “I love teaching and I think having my own studio would be a great business decision. To be able to do something you love and get paid for it is the best feeling in the world,” said Morgan, with a big smile.



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