Meet Myles Johnson: "So You Think You Can Dance?"

By Julie Senger

After having formal training for only eight months in Kennesaw State’s dance program, Myles Johnson auditioned for the popular television show, “So You Think You Can Dance?” He made it to the Las Vegas auditions and received some airtime. “After the show was over in the United States, the producers showed the series in other countries,” he says. “I always know when my show is shown somewhere new because my MySpace page will be flooded with hundreds of comments from viewers in that country.”

However, Myles didn’t start out as a dancer. Growing up, he was always playing sports, particularly football. He performed in a few musical theatre productions, but didn’t take ballet classes until his senior year. Myles initially “hated ballet because it was so hard. But because ballet was challenging, it became appealing and rewarding.” Myles chose to attend KSU because his mother, who had studied visual arts major here, took him to “lots of shows at KSU as a child. It has been cool to see the program grow so much since then.”

After enrolling at KSU as a theatre and performance studies major, Myles was approached by Assistant Professor Ivan Pulinkala, director of the KSU Dance Program, who asked him to audition for the dance company because he had heard about Myles from one of his previous teachers. Myles says, “Prof. Pulinkala has taken me under his wing and guided me through the program. He is very professional.”

In addition to his success in the “So You Think You Can Dance?” audition process, some of Myles’ other accomplishments include performing in KSU’s “42 Feet Off the Ground” and competing this past March at the American College Dance Festival. Next semester, Myles will perform in KSU’s spring dance recital.

After he graduates, Myles says, “In a dream world, I’d like to perform, teach and, one day, own a dance company.” He admits that when he or anyone else performs for others, there is always an element of vulnerability involved, but that people should embrace it. He’d like for people to come away from his performances knowing that “it’s okay to be vulnerable and show people who you really are.”

Myles Johnson is a dancer. There is no question about that, or that he has the talent, skills and education he needs to continue to be very successful.


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