Meet Olivia Noland: Dancing her way to Success

By Natalia H. Schust
Photo by Patrick Bowling

Kennesaw State University dance minor Olivia Noland is a multifaceted woman. She opened her yoga studio in July 2006 and is very proud of that accomplishment. The vibrant senior dance student teaches the Hatha tradition of yoga and Vinyasa style and offers aromatherapy as well. She says she loves being able to help people relax and find strength and flexibility. “When someone walks into my studio, I want them to take time out for themselves and start their journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle.”

Olivia’s own path to health and happiness led her to combine a communication major in media studies track with her dance minor. Olivia says that being part of the KSU Dance Company for the past two years has enriched her life in many ways. “The dance company has allowed me to practice dance throughout my college career,” she says. “There is a wonderful faculty and so many talented dancers to learn from.”

Assistant Professor of Dance Ivan Pulinkala has known Olivia for more than two years and has seen her grow a lot. Pulinkala says, “Olivia is a great performer and an excellent student. She has a lot of potential because she is extremely bright, has good technical training and is able to market herself very well.”

Olivia also explains that one can connect dance and yoga together and that Pulinkala was helpful in letting her see that connection. “I’m thankful Ivan Pulinkala is at Kennesaw State. He really opened the door for dancers at KSU.”

Olivia has always been a very active student. She has been involved in several student organizations throughout her college career and she was the KSU Sentinel news editor. After graduation this summer, she plans to study video production at the Art Institute of Atlanta and then work as a film or TV producer. However, she points out that dancing is such an important activity in her life that she wishes to stay involved with the KSU dance community.



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