Meet Sarah Tintle: Motivated Dancer

By Julie Senger

Sarah Tintle is originally a California girl. This is where she began taking ballet class at the age of four. She remembers some of her first costumes: a black leotard and tutu with gold polka dots, and also a white, glittery costume with glorious feathers on her head when she danced the role of Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty.” When Sarah turned 10, she added jazz, modern and tap to her repertoire. Then, her family moved to Georgia when she was 11 years old. 

After the move, Sarah continued her dance training through high school and eventually began college at another university as a dance major; but the program “wasn’t what I thought it would be.” She returned home and began taking general education classes at Kennesaw State University thinking that she was “only two weeks away from moving to New York to pursue dance again.” Thenshe spotted the KSU Dance Company audition sign. Once she made the dance company, she decided to stay at KSU and declare dance as her minor. 

Sarah admits that Assistant Professor of Dance “Ivan Pulinkala encourages me to work harder in the modern dance genre. I had always focused primarily on ballet.” This shift was a welcome challenge for this driven and motivated dancer. 

In addition to her dance minor, Sarah is majoring in modern language and culture, and taking several science classes to establish a pre-medicine background. But she wants people to know that she also “likes to have a good time,” which is why she plans to take a year off after she graduates from KSU to pursue dance before she begins to apply to medical school.

Sarah has several admirable accomplishments on her dance résumé. She received the Dominique Nicole Houston Scholarship for dance. She also danced in KSU’s “42 Feet Off the Ground” and will perform in the dance company’s spring show in February. In March, Sarah will perform at the American College Dance Festival.  

When she is dancing, Sarah hopes that the audience will “feel the emotion that is being conveyed through the movements being performed.” But overall, she hopes that the audience can see that she “loves the art that she is performing.”


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