Posting Date: April 2, 2012

Meet Elizabeth Crovatt: From Barney to Ballet

By Shira Zobrist

Elizabeth Crovatt

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Elizabeth Crovatt was only three years old when the dancing bug first hit her. Back then, she would dance along to a Barney cassette in her living room. Her parents recognized her interest and decided to put her in ballet classes. Now, she is a freshman in the Kennesaw State University Department of Dance with a concentration in ballet.


Elizabeth was a sophomore in high school when she first learned about KSU’s Program in Dance and decided to attend the KSU Summer Dance Clinic to experience what the program had to offer. “I had a wonderful time,” Elizabeth remembers, “and I attended two more summer clinics while I was in high school. I kept hearing about how the program was constantly growing and about the different choreographers they bring in from around the world. I knew that this was going to be my new home.”


An incentive scholarship from the KSU Summer Dance Clinic helped cement Elizabeth’s decision to come to KSU. Now that she is here, she says she has enjoyed everything about her time at KSU so far. “I enjoy the environment I am in – the students here on campus are extremely kind and the campus is beautiful.” Elizabeth has taken advantage of all that KSU has to offer, spending her days walking to classes, studying and dancing, and taking advantage of resident life activities in the evenings.


Being a part of the dance program has made Elizabeth’s time here especially rewarding and she is in her second semester as a member of the KSU Dance Company. “Professor Pulinkala, director of the Program in Dance, offers us so many different opportunities. Being able to work with so many choreographers and perform at popular venues gives us wonderful experiences that will benefit us as dance majors.” In addition to Pulinkala, Elizabeth also cites Reiko Kimura, instructor of dance, as being especially helpful and inspiring. “She has made me realize how much potential I really have,” Elizabeth notes, “and she has helped me grow into a better dancer.”


Elizabeth has had the opportunity to work with Kimura for a number of years, including two summer clinics and the KSU Dance Company’s production of “Paquita.” Kimura has witnessed Elizabeth’s growth and improvement as a dancer throughout this time. “Elizabeth is very hardworking and she perseveres until she attains the results that she strives for. She is smart and retains choreography and corrections well.”


After graduation, Elizabeth knows that she will continue dancing and she hopes to pursue a dance career with a professional company.


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