Posting Date: July 23, 2012


Meet Andrea Sanchez: A dancer with a spark

By Shira Kerce

Andrea Sanchez
Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Andrea Sanchez has been a hip hop dancer since she was seven years old. In her home state of Florida, she danced as part of Hip Hop Kidz for six years. Then, when she started high school she decided to expand her dance horizons and began taking classes in ballet, jazz and flamenco. “When I got to high school I realized how much I love to dance,” Andrea recalls. “I knew this was what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life.”


Andrea is now a sophomore in the Kennesaw State University Department of Dance with a concentration in jazz. She decided to come to KSU because it was close to home, but not too close. “I was looking at schools in Georgia and Tennessee and KSU looked like the best choice,” Andrea says. Now that she is here, Andrea says it was the right choice. “I love the people at KSU, everyone smiles and says ‘hello,’ and it feels like a family.”


Since she has been at KSU, Andrea has had the opportunity to perform in a number of dance productions. “Many dance programs only give students the opportunity to perform during their upperclassmen years, but here we have so many opportunities no matter what year you are,” Andrea explains. Andrea’s dance opportunities extend beyond the stage as well. She is a member of Nu Delta Alpha and is the student representative for the dance department in the College of the Arts Diversity and Equity Committee.


Andrea feels it is the professors in the department who have made the program so rewarding for her. “Our faculty and staff make me want to take classes every day! They are always helping us students in any way they can,” she says.


Emily Cargill, KSU instructor of dance, has been especially influential. “She helped me break out of my shell and not be as shy,” Andrea explains. “She helped me to let go when I dance and allowed me to explore many different areas of movement.” Cargill describes Andrea as an intense and internally driven dancer with a special spark. “Andrea exudes such a positive, happy and ‘truly captivated by dance’ attitude. She is not afraid to be herself and you can really see her when she is dancing, and that is what captures your attention.”


After Andrea graduates she hopes to join a dance company in Georgia or perhaps go to New York to audition for Broadway shows. Her advice to fellow dancers is to learn as much as you can and never give up. “Take as many classes as possible, and try to step out of your comfort zone to explore all your options in the dance world. Even if it takes 100 tries to get where you want to go, don’t ever give up because eventually you will get your chance.”



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