Posting Date: March 22, 2013


Meet Indya Childs: Born to be a dancer

By Shira Kerce

Indya Childs

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

When Indya Childs was in preschool, her dancing got her into trouble. Her creative energy had her constantly on the move, including dancing around her classroom. Her teacher suggested to Indya’s mother that she start taking dance classes, and when she did, Indya realized that she had found her passion.


Now a junior in Kennesaw State’s Department of Dance with a concentration in ballet, she explains that she transferred here after watching the KSU Dance Company perform at the American College Dance Festival. “I had heard good things about KSU’s dance program and after seeing them in the festival, I could tell that they were really amazing; I felt that I had to come here and be a part of it.”


Indya has really enjoyed her time at KSU. “People here are really focused on their academics and preparing for their careers, so it has been easy for me to stay focused as well,” Indya says. Her experiences in the Department of Dance have also been great. “I really enjoy how the program is constantly growing, but it is still a tight knit community,” Indya explains.  “It is very competitive and everyone has opportunities to perform.”


She recently took a year off from dancing and it made her recognize how much she enjoys dance and needs it in her life. “I have realized how much dancing helps me to relieve stress and release my emotions,” Indya says. “As a dancer, you can transform into anything onstage and you can express yourself in many different ways.”


Reiko Kimura, instructor in dance, has witnessed firsthand Indya’s self-discovery about the role dance plays in her life; Indya began taking classes with Kimura at the Atlanta Ballet when she was in middle school. “Indya has rediscovered the joy of dancing and found a confidence in herself that sets her apart,” Kimura explains. “She is a hard worker who gives of herself in her dancing, a newfound trait that will serve her well through her career.” Indya describes Kimura as “a very unique teacher who cares about every student and is always open and available if you need to talk.”


After graduating from KSU, Indya would love to join a contemporary ballet company. Her advice to other dancers is to learn to love yourself first and to always have an open mind. “There are so many types of dance to try and the more versatile you are as a dancer, the more competitive you will be when hoping to join a professional company.”




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