Meet Patrice Goodlow: Pursuing a dream

By Caitlin Amick

Patrice Goodlow

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant


Patrice Goodlow had an epiphany in high school. After years of wanting to be a pediatrician, she took modern dance classes at her magnet high school. This sparked a desire to improve her dance technique and learn all she could about the art form.

Deciding to pursue a career in dance, however, was a difficult decision for Patrice. “I’ve been dancing on and off for 16 years, but I didn’t always take it as seriously as others,” she explains. “I used to compare myself to other dancers who have known dancing was their calling since they were really young. I finally realized not all dancers have the same background.”

After deciding to pursue a dance degree, choosing a school was an easy decision. Patrice says she chose Kennesaw State University because of its flourishing dance program and close proximity to home. “My high school teachers told me about the emerging
dance program at Kennesaw State, and it has definitely lived up to my expectations.” She says the program often takes her outside of her comfort zone. “The professors really care and make it a point to push you over your limit to make you grow,” she explains.

One professor who has helped push Patrice is
Emily Cargill, KSU instructor of dance. “I feel like she’s made me a stronger dancer, Patrice explains. She breaks things down in a way so I understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.”

Cargill says Patrice is a dancer who fully commits to the art: “Patrice not only dances the material well and fully and beautifully, but she really investigates the nuances, mood, emotion, feeling and expression of the phrase. I have found this is a rare skill in a dancer of her age. She also approaches the movement in an honest and truthful way, which gives way to rich, textured and mature dancing.”

Patrice’s favorite college dance experience was performing in
gloATL’s “Hinterland,” an outdoor parade-like production in Woodruff Park that incorporated live dancers, video projections, light displays and a performance by Antwan “Big Boi” Patton from the hip hop duo Outkast. Patrice really enjoyed working with “Hinterland” choreographer and KSU dance instructor Lauri Stallings throughout the rehearsal process. “She really took the KSU students under her wing. It was amazing to work with her and learn more about the Gaga technique.”

Patrice also performed this semester in the
Student Dance Concert. She is looking forward to becoming more involved with the Program in Dance and doing more productions during her remaining two years at KSU. As for long-term goals, she hopes to continue to dance after graduation. “Nothing else has made me happier than dancing, and I want to do it as much and as long as I can.”

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