Posting Date: June 27, 2011

Meet Zachary Richardson: A student of many dance forms
By Jessica Linnell Price

Zachary Richardson

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant


As a child, Zachary Richardson performed shows for his family where he would sing, dance and even high five his imaginary fans. By middle school, he was a member of chorus, but it wasn’t until he visited the local arts high school for a performance of “The Music Man” that he found his passion. Zachary studied musical theater in high school and soon decided to narrow his focus to dance.

Zachary has found the faculty in the Program in Dance at Kennesaw State University to be very supportive. “They really are sincere about your future,” he says. “They really want to see students succeed.” In particular, he has been greatly influenced by his ballet instructor, Carolyn Perry. “She creates a warm environment in the classroom setting where I feel free to make mistakes. She pushes you to do the best you can.

Zachary Richardson is a man of many talents, Perry explains. From ballet to musical theater, Zachary captivates his audiences with style, grace and charisma!

Having completed just one year at KSU, Zachary has already performed and trained with professional dancers and dance companies. He performed in Atlanta Ballet’s production of “The Sleeping Beauty” in February, which was made possible by KSU’s partnership with Atlanta Ballet. “Working with professional dancers was a great experience. It was unique to see how they interact in rehearsal and performance settings,” he says.

He is also excited about opportunities from the new partnership with gloATL and has already attended gloLABs where he began to learn the Gaga system of movement. Through a connection with his Atlanta dance teacher, Zachary performed with the Rebecca Davis Dance Company in the production of Darfur during the 2011 Human Rights Defenders Forum at the Carter Center. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was in attendance.

Zachary is fascinated by the different genres of dance and how each genre offers many styles. “I really want to dive into modern because there are so many different forms of modern,” he explains.

Looking forward to his time at KSU, he plans to learn as much as he can about each dance form. He is also interested in choreography and hopes to present a piece of his own in the American College Dance Festival in the future. 


Staying true to his roots, Zachary also plans to audition for the KSU Musical Theatre Ensemble. “Musical theater is still my heart,” he explains. He dreams of the lights of Broadway and the life of a dance company member. He aspires to bring others to love dance as well, with hopes of one day owning a studio and teaching children to dance.



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