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Meet Jennifer Parrish: A dancer who has trained with the best

By Shira Kerce

Jennifer Parrish

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

When Jennifer Parrish was 11 years old she attended a dance performance at her church that would prove to be pivotal. Seeing how much fun her friends were having while dancing, Jennifer knew dancing was something she wanted to try as well. Now a sophomore in the Kennesaw State University Department of Dance, Jennifer has come a long way since dancing first caught her interest.


Jennifer has trained with Atlanta Ballet, Metropolitan Ballet Theatre, the Georgia Ballet and Impact Dance, as well as with master ballet teacher Fiona Fairrie. Jennifer grew up in Kennesaw and she knew after graduating from high school that KSU would be the best option for her to continue her education and her dancing career. When Jennifer attended the KSU Summer Dance Clinic and received an incentive scholarship to attend KSU, she knew this was where she wanted to be. “KSU’s dance program is one of the best in the Southeast, and I love the environment on campus. I’m always running into my friends and seeing people I know.”


Since coming to KSU Jennifer has been an active part of the dance community on campus. She is a member of Nu Delta Alpha, the national dance honor society, and is excited to be a part of the KSU Dance Company for a second semester. In April 2012 she danced with the company in “Rhizome” at the American College Dance Festival. “I love Ivan Pulinkala’s choreography,” she says, “and dancing with the company is the most fun I’ve ever had dancing.”


Jennifer has also enjoyed studying and learning from Reiko Kimura, instructor of dance. Jennifer has known Kimura for a number of years and feels like she’s grown as a dancer with Kimura as her mentor and teacher. “She is really good at giving direction, even to large classes. She gives each student personal attention and is really there for her students.” Kimura describes Jennifer as a “hardworking and thoughtful student” and says that since coming to KSU Jennifer’s dancing “has matured and she is open to different types of movement.”


It is the different types of movement that Jennifer says is her favorite thing about dancing. “I love dancing as an interpretation of music—listening to the music and feeling how you can dance to it and move with it.” After graduating Jennifer hopes to be a professional dancer, but she is also keeping her options open to other career choices. “I enjoy all health related things, so I may also major in exercise and health science to become a personal trainer.”



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