Posting Date: January 9, 2014

Meet Alexandria Gudbergsdottir: Dancing from Iceland to Kennesaw State

By DeLain Climmons

Alexandria Gudbergsdottir

photo by Shane McDonald

Alexandria Gudbergsdottir dances with the fluidity of bubbling lava, which thousands of years ago flowed down a mountainside and mixed with the sea, forming towers of black jagged crystallized formations that remain to this day in her picturesque hometown of Hafnarfjordur, Iceland.


Alexandria left Hafnarfjordur to enroll in Kennesaw State University’s Department of Dance. “When I dance, I feel free, free from everything around me,” Alexandria says. “I don’t have anything on my mind. Dancing helps me to get rid of feelings like anger. I just dance my sadness away!” Alexandria has danced since the age of 13 and oftentimes practices five hours each day.


Alexandria’s concentration is modern dance and her favorite class is an African dance class taught by Instructor of Dance Theresa Howard. “I like the freedom of African dance,” Alexandria explains. “It allows everything to be loose and it involves lots of core work, strengthening your core.” She is also fascinated with the historical reasons behind African dance. “They dance for rain; they dance for harvest and everything has a reason.”


By contrast, she says that although modern dance has meaning and purpose, it involves more technique and concepts. “It can be many things or it can be whatever you want it to be,” she says. “It’s more movement with the body, through the body and using the body as an instrument.”


The 20-year-old Icelander is now adjusting to life in America and is fighting to make her mark as a dance student at KSU. “Everything is so new, and this campus has more buildings than the town where I grew up!” she says. “Leaving my home and coming to the states helped me realize that there are a lot of different people in the world. I like the diversity here. Being here allows me to see different aspects of other people’s lives.”


“Dancing gives me great pleasure. I could not live, if I could not dance. I came here to be a dancer, and I have found my passion!”




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