Meet Errin Cusack: Reaching others through the elements of dance

By Jonquil Harris
Photo by Robert Pack

Florida native Errin Cusack began her dance career at the age of four. Although she tried to step away from it a few times to pursue other interests, her mother encouraged her to stick with dance. Errin realized that nothing moved her quite like dancing did. “I love dance,” she says. “It is my life. I am really blessed to have it, and every week I look forward to being surrounded by a great group of people.”

Errin and her family moved to Georgia specifically so that she could attend high school and become eligible for the Hope Scholarship for college. After graduating from Harrison High School, she chose to attend KSU because of the dance program, as well as for the nurturing environment. “There is an overwhelming sense of camaraderie in the dance department. We have some great faculty members who take a lot of time to work with you one on one to make sure you’re advancing and growing as a performer and artist.” 

Ivan Pulinkala, director of the dance program, and Lauri Stallings, instructor of dance, have both been instrumental in Errin’s career. They have offered her the tools to help her develop into an artist and have provided a worldly view on her career, which has continued to motivate Errin to reach her goals.

Under Stallings’ direction, Errin has had the opportunity to work with gloATL, a company of artists who share their vision of bringing art, artists and audience members together to educate, entertain and transform lives through three-dimensional art. Her group, The Brown Suit People, go out into the streets and create language in the form of dance. Errin has also enhanced her dance repertoire through Gaga, a dance form born out of Israel.

One of Errin’s goals is to help people find their own connection with art, and she does this while teaching dance at the Hickory Flat Dance Academy in Canton. She strives for people to become just as passionate about art as she is. “I would like to make my audience and the general public aware and conscious of the kinesthetic, emotional and cerebral elements of art. Once you have made that connection, it becomes a virus that you cannot get rid of. It is truly addictive.”

Pulinkala describes her as “a very talented and hard working student. As Errin prepares to become part of the first class of 15 dance majors who will be graduating from our program next year, I am confident that she will have a long and productive professional career ahead. Errin has the talent, ability, technique and intellect to become a successful dance artist.”

The senior, who has now had four years with the KSU Dance Company, co-choreographed “Shallow Lullaby” in 2007 and has participated in the American College Dance Festival gala performances of “Metastasis” and “A Dream Discarded.”

Majoring in both dance and marketing, Errin plans to move to New York City after graduating and working with a professional dance company. She also plans to use her marketing degree to sell dancewear and become a grant writer for a dance company.



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