Scene Design for Buried Child (Stillwell Theater)

The Howard Logan Stillwell Theater, seating three hundred and twenty, is a contemporary proscenium theatre with the option of an orchestra pit or an extended apron. It features a computer controlled lighting system and a state of the art sound system. This space houses mainstage Theatre and Performance Studies productions and hosts events for organizations around campus and the area.

Scene Design for Flyin' West

  The Studio Theater is an intimate laboratory theatre used for classes and for experimental and contemporary productions. The Studio is a flexible space that can be reconfigured for the special needs of each presentation. It seats between 40 and 50 depending on its configuration. The Studio houses the StudioWorks theatre season and the Sunday Night Showcase.
   Shop Facilities within the department consist of a well-equipped scene and costume shop. A small scene shop is located immediately off the stage space for the Stillwell Theater. A larger scene shop is located at Chastain Point across from the campus. The costume shop resides at KSU Center across campus.
   The Theatre Computer Laboratory (housed in WB231) is a network laboratory featuring Macintosh G-4 computers. The laboratory serves theatre students utilizing computer assisted design and web-based research projects. The laboratory is also available to students for more ordinary functions, such as word processing and net surfing.

Costume shop, KSU Center

  The Department of Theatre and Performance Studies is home to the College of the Arts Performing Arts Library, a collection of contemporary scripts specially acquired for use in performance classes. The collection has now grown to over 1000 volumes of mostly recent plays and translations. This collection complements the University's more extensive collection of plays housed in the main library, and its superb electronic collection of early materials. Especially impressive is the electronic access to the short title catalogue of all books printed in English before 1642, available in facsimile form through the KSU collection. Kennesaw State University was, in fact, the first university outside a select set of nationally ranked research universities to offer this access. The Department of Theatre and Performance Studies library materials are available in the Performing Arts Library, Wilson Bldg. 246, during posted business hours. Wilson Building 227 is reserved for scene rehearsals and work on student projects, and a limited number of performance classes. Projects are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis through the Departmental office (WB249).








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