Good Person poster
The Good Person of Szechuan

cast and crew (L-R, from front to back): Rose Alexander, Kelly Johnson, Ralph Del Rosario,

Tyler Hayes, Karen Robinson; Kristen Smith, Maged Roushdi, Katie Cathell, Patrick Schweigert,

Jason Sokolic, Caty Bergmark, Sara Gosier, John Stewart; Johnny Boddie, Jim Wallace, Justin Cole,

Daniel Hilton, Sarah Matthews, Wallace Perry, Kevin Riddle, Jesse Eubanks, Rob Hadaway,

Mary Wolfson, Barbara Griffin



"The Joy of Giving" by Bertolt Brecht

Translated by Lesley Lendrum

It surely is life's greatest joy

To give to those whose lot is hard

And with glad hands, impulsively

To scattersplendid gifts abroad.

What rose is fairer than the face

Of one to whom we play the donors?

Behold his hands, o highest bliss

Encumbered with our gracious favours.

Nothing can give so keen a pleasure

As helping each and every one.

What I possess I cannot treasure
Without a mind to pass it on.

"The Mask of Evil" by Bertolt Brecht

Translated by H.R. Hays

On my wall hangs a Japanese carving

The mask of an evil demon, deocrated with gold lacquer.

Sympathetically I observe

The swollen veins of the forehead, indicating

What a strain it is to be evil.

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