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Dramatis Personae
In order of appearance

"The Whiteness of the Whale"- Briana Brock
Ishmael - Dru Jamieson
The Landlord - Drew Hale
Seamen - Sean Haley, Jonathan Minnich, Omar Siddigi
Queequeg - Jason Turner
Mourners - Greg Garrison, Whitney Sullins, Lee Ogilvie
Father Mappel - Jim Wallace
Mrs. Hussey - Lee Ogilvie
Captain Peleg - John Tucker
Betty, The Chamber Maid - Whitney Sullins
Elijah - Jim Wallace
The Judge - James Maloof
The Prosecutor - Greg Garrison
Starbuck - Andrew Puckett
Stubb - John Tucker
Flask - James Maloof
Tashtego - Jonathan Minnich
Dagoo - Omar Siddigi
Captain Ahab - Phillip Justman
The Cook - Drew Hale
The English Captain - Jim Wallace
Gabriel - Greg Garrison
The Carpenter - Sean Haley
Pip, the Cabin Boy - Greg Garrison
Captain Gardiner - Sean Haley



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