Three buildings to receive $4.9M makeover


By Stacey Moore, KSU University Relations

Kennesaw State is poised to receive $4.9 million for renovations from the University System of Georgia as soon as the governor signs off on the FY ’07 bill later this month.

The project calls for an addition to the Joe Mack Wilson Building, which houses Howard Logan Stillwell Theater, as well as updates and modifications to the library and the old social science building.

“These are very practical renovations,” John Anderson, director of facilities planning and design services, said. “Final design plans are not yet complete but are well under way.”

The improvements are scheduled to begin at the end of the year in conjunction with the completion of the new $22.8 million, 161,000-square-foot Social Sciences Building.

“The new Social Sciences Building will create space that allows other departments to expand physically, but it’s not enough for the growth that the university is experiencing,” Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Ralph Rascati said.

Improving the older buildings, however, is expected to help ease some of the congestion – especially in the music and theater departments, he added.

“By constructing an addition to the Wilson Building, we’re creating sorely needed space relief for the College of the Arts by adding approximately 15,000 square feet,” Rascati said.

The renovations are expected to be completed by summer 2007.

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