Student Group Takes on 365 Plays
By Cheryl Anderson Brown


The students of Rising Images, a multicultural student theatre group at KSU, have joined the national phenomenon to produce 365 plays in 365 days. Together with dozens of companies as diverse and far-flung as The Public Theatre in New York City and The Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles, Rising Images is set to present short works by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks. The series, which includes one play for each day of the year, was launched in November 2006 and continues through November 2007.

In late 2002, Parks, known for works like "The Death of the Last Black Man in the World", challenged herself to write one short play a day for an entire year. She called the project "365 Plays/365 Days." Now, each week, a different theatre group around the nation is presenting the plays Parks wrote during the corresponding week of her yearlong writing session.

The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta helped launch the project in November and since then it has spread back and forth across the nation. It will stop on campus January 22-28 for the Rising Images performances and may return to campus again September 24-30 for performances sponsored by the KSU Department of the Theatre & Performance Studies.

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