In and around the year 1888, North America witnessed significant changes and events.  Some of the more significant of these are highlighted below. 

1884: The machine gun is invented by Sir Hiram Maxim. By World War I, this weapon would be used by American soldiers as well as the Europeans. 


1885: Grover Cleveland, a Democrat from New York, elected President of the United States.  During the Republican-dominated period of 1860-1912, Cleveland was the only Democrat elected, and he won the popular vote each of the three times he ran (1884, 1888, 1892).  However, in 1888, Cleveland lost the electoral vote to Benjamin Harrison, an Ohio-born Republican from Indiana.  Cleveland remains the only US president to ever have been elected to two non-consecutive terms. 

Grover Cleveland, Images of American Political History (Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

1886: Haymarket Square labor Riot in Chicago kills eleven people. 

1888: Eastman's Kodak camera is launched, beginning the age of amateur photography.

George Eastman takes pictures with his Kodak camera. (Photo: Corbis)


1889: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Washington all become states. 

1890: Sherman Anti-Trust Act passes, to combat the widespread practice of monopolies.