Laura Pearce

When the gypsies came, your grandmother

made me promise not to go to the woods

where fires blazed and music played

and dark-eyed women danced in coins.

She said they'd steal a girl like me

with golden hair and flower skin

and make me begin filthy clothes

and feed me scraps of moldy bread. [cont.]

John Moody

When I came back from San Francisco

at first no one knew me.  Gone five years,

wearing white silk now, my pockets heavy

with the money I'd known I'd earn.

My family welcomed me, but even they

seemed uncertain of who I was,  [cont.]

Tubman Greene

My father traveled fast and traveled far,

away from warmer rivers, warmer land--

all time, he said a single guiding star

and charity from one brave woman's hand. [cont.]

Martha Blackmer

How does a woman know the man she's wed?

She shares his meals, she sleeps in the same bed, she soaps and blues his linens, mends his wools; yet always some strong waiting secret pulls [cont.]

Janet Dobb

Heat's set in early.  June, already

chicory in bloom, that blue no eye

could ever be, and lilies orange

as a fencepost tomcat daring the sun  [cont.]

Oscar Gorton

At twenty I set out for Michigan.

Erie Canal, Lake Erie, overland

to Pontiac, then further in.  A man

that age thinks all he needs is a strong hand [cont.]