Posting Date: January 7, 2011

Meet Minoo Bassery: Leading the way
By Andrea C. Kirwan and Scott Singleton


Minoo Bassery
Photo by Sarah Singleton

When Minoo Bassery was in middle school, she would imagine herself on stage, playing the french horn in an orchestra. During high school, however, Minoo was cast in a play and discovered her love of theatre. With a strong desire to grow as an artist, she decided that Kennesaw State University was the perfect place.

Minoo considers herself privileged to be a part of the Department of Theatre, Performance Studies & Dance, which she says is a cultivating community with a familial atmosphere. At KSU, Minoo is vigorously pursuing a double concentration in acting and design tech and performed in "Epistolary," one of the seven plays from the "What’s Your Secret?" performance last October. For the play, Minoo was challenged with the task of sharing her character with another student. She explains, We had the exact same monologue only our lines began on opposite ends and intertwined to create a neat dynamic that illustrated the multidimensionality of our character's mindset. Always up for a challenge, Minoo observes, It was a challenging experience but very rewarding.

Additionally, she served as the dramaturge for Matthew Judd’s student directed production of No Exit. “What I like the most about KSU is the community here, she explains. The comfort of knowing I can grow into my own with the support of my peers and professors is something I am so grateful for. The professors have a deep passion to see their students succeed. They willingly and selflessly give their students opportunities to showcase their talents and benefit from those experiences.”

Assistant Professor Jane Barnette says, “Minoo Bassery has already proven herself to be a student leader in the short time she's been at KSU. She is not only an excellent scholar-artist, but also an inspirational citizen of our community.”

On her future, Minoo anticipates the many opportunities at KSU that will continue to aid her growth and development as an artist. She concludes, I hope I will always be involved with theatre, whether in performing or designing, and use it all for the glory of God.”

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