Posting Date: January 18, 2010

Meet Briana Brock: Acting around the world

By Jarmea L. Boone

Photo by Melissa Withers

Briana Brock as "The Whiteness of the Whale" in KSU's adaptation of "Moby-Dick."

Photo by Robert Pack

For theatre and performance studies major Briana Brock, acting is as important as eating or breathing. She has had aspirations to act on film since she was a child, but Briana began theater training when she was 15 years old. “That was when I began taking lessons at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta,” she says. “I loved them.”


After transferring to Kennesaw State University, Briana has been inspired by the performance emphasis at KSU. She says, “I have been active the entire time I’ve been here. I am proud of my substantial growth as an actor, which is all attributed to the department. I love the work I’ve done, and I just fit in here and fit into theater.”


She has performed in numerous productions, a few of which have traveled abroad. In the fall of 2005, Briana performed in “Monkey King,” which was taken to the Shanghai Arts Festival in China. Last spring, as an ensemble member in KSU Professor John Gentile’s original adaptation of “Moby-Dick,” she was able to travel to Casablanca, Morocco. Briana also had roles in on-campus productions of “Stop/Kiss,” “You Always Go Home” and, most recently, “Lysistrata” and “Redwing,” which was mounted in the new black box theater. “I have performed overseas and in all of the theaters on campus. I know I would not have had those opportunities anywhere else.”


Briana is grateful to her professors for fueling her passion in theater. “Prof. Karen Robinson cast me in my first show,” she says. “I have worked with her and Prof. Margaret Baldwin a lot in original plays. Prof. Jane Barnette’s love of teaching is so evident, as is Dr. Gentile’s. Everyone in the department is so talented and involved.”


Her advice to rising theatre and performance studies majors reflects her commitment and passion. “Immerse yourself,” she says, “and realize that we are so incredibly lucky to have the faculty and staff we have at KSU. They have taught and acted everywhere from Los Angeles to New York and abroad. This is a phenomenal program.”


Briana looks forward to her graduation. “After graduation in May, I’m going to follow the dream I’ve had for 10 years now. I’m going to put myself out there and pursue an agent and an acting career. I trust that I will succeed.”



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