Posting Date: February 27, 2012


Meet Danica Buckley: Stage manager extraordinaire

By Brittany Kell


Danica Buckley

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Cumming native Danica Buckley first got involved with theater when she landed a small role in her middle school’s production of “The Sound of Music.” Initially, the camaraderie between the cast and crew attracted Danica to theater. Then, in her junior year of high school, she fell in love with the dynamics of being a stage manager after managing her first show, “The Boys Next Door.”

As a stage manager, Danica works with the actors, director and designers to keep the show as organized as possible. She keeps track of important information and handles the paperwork. “I like working closely with both the actors as well as the designers and tech folks,” says Danica.  “The shows that I loved working on the most were the shows that I was the most involved in. Stage managing usually allows me to be as involved as I like to be.”

Since coming to KSU, Danica has also been the assistant stage manager for “Bat Boy: The Musical” and stage manager for “What’s Your Secret,” “Melancholy Play” and “Splittin’ the Raft.” Recently, Danica and the cast and crew of “Splittin’ the Raft” were invited to perform at the regional Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival at Daytona State College in Florida. The festival, which featured workshops and performances, was “fun and full of energy,” Danica explains. 

Now a senior at Kennesaw State, Danica “was sold on the theater program” after her very first visit to campus. She loves the professors in the department and “couldn’t see myself anywhere else.”  Associate Professor Jamie Bullins has particularly inspired Danica. She says, “Jamie Bullins has been so supportive because he makes time to talk and be there for all students.” Bullins has seen Danica’s passion for theater blossom through her time in the department. “Danica has this great inquisitive spirit and a strong drive for quality in her work and the work of those around her,” comments Bullins. “Since she joined the department, she has grown a great deal, learning from each experience and carrying it forward to the next.”

When she’s not working hard on a production, Danica is out with friends or at home spending time with family.  She also enjoys scrapbooking and is always collecting artifacts for her scrapbooks and taking pictures. After graduation, Danica plans on pursuing a career as a stage manager in the Atlanta area. 

Danica’s advice to anyone considering a theater major, “make sure you love what you do and get involved immediately.”



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