Posting Date: May 1, 2013


Meet Darci Robbins: Desire to design

By Alyssa Sellors


Darci Robbins

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

Although California native Darci Robbins did not always want to work in theatre, the desire to be known by what she creates has been her passion for as long as she can remember. “I just wanted to put my name out there, to be known, no matter what,” recalls Darci. From a love for drawing to a thing for frills and bows, Darci has always been driven to be creative and original.


Darci decided it was time for college after taking some time off after high school to work in California as a freelance artist. She sought a design program that could allow her to grow in her creativity. Originally interested in fashion design, she actually found interest in costume design after visiting the KSU theatre program. Now a sophomore in KSU’s Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, Darci has a double concentration in both acting and design.  


For Darci, the best part about KSU is the faculty. “I expected college to be different, but the faculty is very helpful, and they even help you with other classes than their own.” This dedication has allowed Darci the opportunity to get into costume design, a path she did not originally plan to take. 


Originality and flexibility describe this driven theatre student. From music to food, Darci can find inspiration just about anywhere. “Anything eye-catching can inspire me, depending on what I’m looking for,” says Darci. “Connecting things you wouldn’t normally connect is how to be original.” Associate Professor Jamie Bullins has worked with Darci since she first came to KSU, and he says that, "Darci has a really interesting sparkle about her and she has a sharp visual awareness and bold sense of color."


Darci’s biggest accomplishment at KSU came in February 2012 when her costumes made their debut for the first time on stage for the performances of “Red Hanrahan.” Darci was the costume designer for the production, so she was responsible for the clothing for each character and for guiding the costume shop through the production. Professor John Gentile, co-director of "Red Hanrahan," was very pleased with Darci's work on the project. "Darci was a real pleasure to work with," he explains. "Design elements are very important to me as a director and I have very specific ideas and reasons for wanting certain things from the costumes, settings and lighting in my productions, as any designer who has worked with me can attest to. Darci was able to work with me, to understand my concept and my vision and ultimately she was able to translate that vision into her designs."


When Darci is not in class, she works at the KSU costume shop, sells her art, creates illustrations to sell as prints and does some commission work as well. Working on her portfolio is Darci’s main goal right now, as she prepares for the next chapter of her life after KSU. After graduation, Darci plans to return to California and work in the L.A. area in the field of production, theatre, film and design.



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