Posting Date: April 14, 2011

Meet Sara Gosier: Passionate about theater

By Felicia Ervin


Sara Gosier

Photo by Kimberly New

Sara in the KSU production of "Boy Gets Girl"

The stage has been a passion for Sara Gosier since middle school. Now a senior theater major at KSU, Sara is not only pursuing her dream, she’s thriving at it.  

Sara says that what makes the KSU Department of Theatre, Performance Studies & Dance so strong is the professors. According to Sara, they bring their own unique perspectives and talents, and their guidance has been invaluable to her education. One professor who Sara credits with her growth as a student as well as an actress is Associate Professor Karen Robinson. Robinson directed Sara in the lead role of the play “The Good Person of Szechuan.” Sara explains that Robinson is great at coaching and challenging the actors. “She is really good at making sure that your stakes are high enough in every scene. She’ll question you during rehearsal and if you are not sure of what you are doing, those questions help you realize your mistakes.” 

Robinson offers equal praise for Sara’s talent. “Sara Gosier is an extraordinarily gifted and insightful actress. She is a consistent source of inspiration and a model for her peers," Robinson says. "Her ability to make compelling connections to her character's emotions, her work ethic, her tireless research and her attention to detail are first rate. In addition, she is a delight to work with—one of the most warm-hearted, generous, and positive collaborators I know.”

In “The Good Person of Szechuan,” Sara played the lead character Shen Te, a good-hearted prostitute who was forced to create a ruthless businessman alter persona when the people in her community began to take advantage of her. Sara observes that the role brought many different challenges because the performance entailed her being a woman playing a man. “It was incredibly challenging; a lot of fun but a lot of hard work.” However, she feels that her education at KSU prepared her for the role by giving her the building blocks. Sara has also been featured in the KSU productions “Boy Gets Girl” and “The Monkey King.”

Sara says that her family is supportive of her career choice. As far as her plans after KSU, she wants to attend graduate school and eventually earn a Ph.D. in theater and teach at the college level.

“Eventually you have to decide what’s important to you and do what you really feel strongly and passionate about,” Sara says. Theater was it for me.”


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