Posting Date: April 09, 2012


Meet Cathryn Bergmark: Musical theatre actress

By Brittany Kell


Cathryn Bergmark

Photo by Tracie L. Hinnant

At age 10, Cathryn Bergmark became entranced with musicals after seeing a production of “Into the Woods.” “It was the first time I’d seen a professional musical and really understood that storytelling could be anything you choose it to be,” Cathryn reflects. “I always knew that I loved acting, but at that moment I remember thinking I could tell people stories for the rest of my life.”


Unsure of where she wanted to go for college, Cathryn’s father convinced her to consider Kennesaw State because of its theatre and performance studies program.  Now a sophomore, Cathryn is a theatre and performance studies major with a double concentration in musical theatre and acting.  “I love the convergence of disciplines in the department,” Cathryn shares.  “Being able to apply and use ideas from other fields is immensely helpful.”


Since coming to KSU, Cathryn feels she has grown as an actress to thanks to her “support team,” professors Dean Adams, Judy Cole, Karen Robinson and Russell Young. “They are wonderful!” Cathryn explains.  “I feel stronger as a performer with their instruction.”  Robinson, who directed Cathryn in “Good Person in Szechuan,” says, “as an actress Cathryn brings a strong presence, emotional truth and a sense of life experience to her roles that goes beyond her actual age.”


As a member of the musical theatre ensemble, Cathryn has performed in a number of productions including “What’s Your Secret: An Escape” and “The Secret Garden.” “Cathryn has grown as a performer by the fact that she was cast in this year’s musical theatre ensemble, a select group that requires skill and dedication,” explains Robinson.  Cathryn credits the ensemble with developing her confidence in her abilities.  “It’s great opportunity for the musical theatre students and I am grateful for the work we get to do,” she comments.


Outside of school Cathryn enjoys an array of personal hobbies. She loves knitting, reading and baking. Recently, she has started tap dancing.  


After graduation, Cathryn plans on remaining in the Atlanta area to pursue her career in acting.  Cathryn suggests that anyone considering majoring in theatre and performance studies “be ready to try new things.  Some will be odd, some you’ll hate and some you’ll want to do constantly.  Then there will be the weird mix of all three.  You will find what works best for you, if you are open.”



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