Posting Date: August 23, 2010

Meet Greg Garrison: Raising the bar

By Rochelle S. Wilson

Greg Garrison

Photo by Jason Royal

Greg performing with the KSU Tellers

Photo by Lauren Highfill

Greg Garrison is a firm believer in the power of comedy. He has found that if he can make people laugh about tough situations, they can forget them or find ways around them. “If you can view problems through the lens of comedy, it makes people feel like they can do something about it. So what I want to do is make people laugh."

Greg is already hard at work on his dream at Kennesaw State University. He’s currently working with The Collective, a group of KSU students and alumni. “The Collective is a group of people who are working together—writing the script, directing, and performing in the show,” he explains. Additionally, Greg is president of the KSU Tellers and also works with its off-shoot, Gazpacho, a stand-up comedy group. John Gentile, chair of the Department of Theatre, Performance Studies & Dance, comments, "I am always impressed with Greg's enthusiasm and commitment to this department. I am also impressed by the leadership he has brought to the KSU Tellers and his advocacy for the art of storytelling."

One day, Greg wants to be able to make his own work instead of looking for it. To this end, Greg, who graduates this December, has hopes of being a writer. “Whether it’s for screen or stage, I want to be writing and performing my own work and working with people who can help me make it better."

Greg, according to Associate Professor Harrison Long, has grown tremendously at KSU. "I've seen him move many different directions in only a few years. He's a storyteller, actor, scholar and pseudo-bohemian. I can't wait to see what he winds up doing. Whatever it is, I know it will be fun, creative and meaningful," says Long.

Greg fully embraces the diversity of the program. In fact, he says he’s enjoyed everything about being a student at KSU. “There are a lot of unique and talented people that I’ve managed to learn from and be in communities with,” he says. “The professors are all very helpful. And the students have helped facilitate learning by being ambitious and have made me raise the bar."

But Greg is setting the bar high himself. In 2010, he won the Outstanding Student Storyteller Scholarship, an award sponsored by the Southern Order of Storytellers. He also traveled to Casablanca, Morocco in 2009 for the 21st Annual Festival International de Theatre Universitaire de Casablanca to perform in the KSU adaptation of “Moby-Dick.” While he was speaking French to an audience of 300 people and hearing his words translated into many other languages, Greg realized that acting had gotten him out of the country and given him experiences that he would never forget. “The idea that the language needs to be translated but that theater can cross all bounds made me realize that there’s a lot more to what I’m doing than just being an actor.”

No matter what the future holds, Greg is ready. “Life is a grab bag of opportunities,” he says. “And if you just go with it and don’t really question or preplan it, there’s no telling where it’s going to take you.”



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